Workplace Wellness

The Behind The Scenes Action

We understand the importance of happiness, productivity and performance in the workplace.

The house was sold. The deal was closed. The script became the movie. The business had its best month ever. None of these actions can be done alone. They require the hard work of a solid team of focused and healthy employees.

  • Overweight employees cost their employers $73.1 billion a year and file twice the number of workers’ compensation claims. (
  • Companies big and small have discovered the benefits of wellness in the workplace, and they’re using massage as a way to attract and keep employees, while also keeping them productive. (
  • And, healthy employees take fewer sick days. Absenteeism is 27% lower for those workers who eat healthy and regularly exercise. (

Renovation Wellness can help your company with the “Behind The Scenes” work that doesn’t show up in the finished product but is as absolutely necessary and important as giving the perfect presentation or building the flawless product.

We offer the following programs:

I Like To Move It

Encourage activity with Boot Camps, Body Weight Exercises, Core Challenges and Partner Workouts. Group Fitness is a great way to bring the company together to work as a team. Remember, there’s no ‘I’ in Team!

Field Trip!

Take it outside for a fun walk, hike or stair run.Getting some fresh air is a sure-fire way to get those endorphins and creativity flowing!

You Are What You Eat

Healthy eating can and should be enjoyable! Especially considering that nutrition is 80% of our fitness! Acquiring new recipes, implementing meal plans and learning alternatives/substitutes are key elements to maintain healthy eating.

Break Time Fun!

We’ve got some pretty amazing techniques for a more productive and healthy break time.

Accountability Challenge

What better way to stay accountable than to have a partner to answer to? Let us take the guesswork out of it and put teams together with weekly challenges. They can even up the ante and prize it up with lunch, gift cards or cash as an incentive to stay motivated!

Stretch It Out*

Stretching is a great way to increase energy, balance, circulation, posture and performance, all while lowering stress, injury risk and pain. When you feel your best, you perform your best!  *10-20 minute add on to any other program.

Everything Zen

Reduce stress and tension with onsite chair massage. Peel away from the busy day for 15 minutes and feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of your daily projects!

Choose one, choose all! Contact Us and let’s create a program that works for your company’s specific needs.